Our Services


    Our talented staff designers work closely with clients to create landscape designs that enhance the architecture of your building(s) or community. We are great listeners who work hard to understand your landscape vision and goals. We then create a comprehensive plan that reflects your ideas and budget.


    Our extensive field experience allows us to provide you with suggestions that can reduce your short- and long-term maintenance costs while achieving your landscaping vision. This includes a focus on sustainability, including water management and plant selections.


    We offer extensive experience and a skilled team to plan and execute high-quality, large scale projects. Our managers have degrees in horticulture and landscape architecture, plus years of experience in working on complex and high-profile projects, frequently under tight schedules.


    Site development services include design, excavation, landscape installation, hardscapes, retaining walls, site amenities, irrigation systems, walking and biking paths and trails


    Poole Landscaping is committed to providing clients with landscapes that are not only beautiful, but ecologically sound and sustainable. As your partner, we will work with you to create landscape designs that qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certification.


    We do this by focusing on reducing or eliminating waste and negative impacts on the environment:

    • Design and install cutting-edge bio-retention storm water systems that minimize water usage.

    • Use smart watering techniques to avoid waste – targeting the plants that need moisture, monitoring needs and adjusting accordingly.

    • Recycle plant debris for sustainable mulch.

    • Recycle wooden shipping crates and palettes for reuse as mulch for each season.

    • Recycle plastic plant containers

    • Use organic fertilizer to support biologically active soils


    Maintaining curb appeal is important, and our landscaping management services include designing and installing rotating flower displays that keep your properties looking fresh and inviting.


    This includes watering and fertilizing throughout the summer, so your plants stay healthy, attractive and vibrant.


    Small targeted enhancements to your landscape can dramatically improve your curb appeal and the enjoyment of your property.  These services include:


    • Landscape renovations

    • Corrective pruning

    • Removing dead trees or plants (perhaps changing out a dead tree for a Japanese Maple)

    •  Colorful decorative baskets

    •  Accent lighting

    •  Well-placed benches, walkways and picnic areas

    •  Retaining walls


    Our beautiful and functional landscapes invite your customers, clients and employees to relax and enjoy outdoor living!



    We provide timely snow and ice management services for all types of properties, including managing large commercial properties, homeowner’s associations and multi-family communities.  We proactively monitor weather forecasts, so that we provide the correct amount of services for weather and road conditions.


    In threatening weather, we pre-position equipment and materials so we can quickly service your roads, sidewalks and parking lots.


    Our equipment includes snow blowers, front end loaders, Bobcat Skid Steers, and plow trucks outfitted with large commercial salt spreaders. We also offer the option for both bulk and bagged ice melting agents (including magnesium chloride, which doesn’t harm plants).